Skinner Show – Byron Nelson & Abilene Wylie Bulldogs

Coach Skinner and Craig are joined by Alan Smith, the Hawks quarterback coach, to discuss upcoming young quarterbacks, and some of the plays  that were called during our win vs. the Byron Nelson Bobcats. Hear all the stats and analysis as they go quarter by quarter.

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Birdville Beats Nelson in Battle of Premier Running Backs

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS — Isaiah Duarte and Birdville had just enough in them to earn their first win of the season, a 49-42 victory over Trophy Club Nelson on Friday night at the Birdville Fine Arts/Athletics Complex.

Locked in a battle of premier running backs, Duarte was everything the Hawks (1-2) needed, rushing for 254 yards and four touchdowns, including a 63-yard rumble with just over a minute to play that put the Bobcats (1-2) away.

Nelson running back Courtney Miles was his equal, turning ordinary rushes into explosive plays. The Bobcats’ leader collected 294 yards and three touchdowns in the game. Two of his three scores came in the second half, and he collected 63 yards on the Bobcats’ final scoring drive.

Birdville can breathe easier knowing it didn’t let a 14-point halftime lead slip away. Having capped the second quarter with back-to-back touchdowns, the Hawks never relinquished the lead.

Quarterback Will Hayward didn’t make Duarte do it alone. He accounted for 154 yards, including 136 on the ground.

By Sam Morton
Special to the Star-Telegram

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Sideline Interview with Coach Holbrook

Coach Holbrook gives a short interview on the sideline after the Byron Nelson win.

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Skinner Show – Mansfield Summit & Byron Nelson

This week Coach will discuss our loss vs. Mansfield and what it will take to beat Byron Nelson. Our special guest is Mr. Wells who talks about the football program in general.

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Hawks Improve Despite Loss

A few thoughts on the game:
*Overall, I thought this was an improvement from week 1. Despite the loss, this performance was an encouraging one. Right now, this team is in it’s rebuilding process.

*I saw a spark on the offense that wasn’t there at Prosper was it like the steam roll led offense we are used to seeing with Xavier Turner? No, absolutely not. The offense, however managed to supply some sparks, but came up a little short. The Hawks were able to make this look interesting in the fourth quarter, after trailing 32-14 in the third, Birdville answered back and came as close as 32-27.

*Speed, Receivers coordinator coach Vince Bonner said before the game that speed was going to be their biggest challenge. If you want to look at the running stats, than I guess you could say it was a successful night for the Hawks. Running back Isaiah Duarte tailed off 216 yards on 36 carries, crossing the goal line twice.

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS: The Hawks showed a spark on offense that wasn’t there in week one. Birdville running back, Isaiah Duarte had 222 yards, and two touchdown runs, Birdville quarterback Will Hayward completed 6 of 14 passing attempts, but it wasn’t enough to stop the opponent, Mansfield Summit who put up a comeback after trailing the Hawks 14-3. Mansfield put up 473 yards of offense in this one, led by Junior quarterback Braedon Nolan who threw for 3 touchdowns in the game. Chipping in on the comeback was Sophomore running back Derek Johnson in the Jaguars 47-27 road victory at the Birdville fine arts athletic complex.

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Skinner Show – Prosper Eagles & Mansfield Summit

Coach Skinner & Craig Etheredge discuss last weeks loss vs. the Prosper Eagles. What went wrong and what they are doing to fix those things. This weeks game vs. the Mansfield Summit Jaguars is discussed as well as what last weeks loss will do to our standings.

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Skinner Show – Season Kickoff

This year’s Skinner Show kicks off with once again with Craig Etheredge talking about all the things we need to know. In this episode Coach Skinner discusses the new coaches, new trainers, upcoming schedule, our scrimmage against Fossil Ridge, and Friday’s game vs Prosper.

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Meet the Coaches Night (Updated)

Join us on August 20th at 7:00 at Birdville High School for our annual “Meet the Coaches Night” Where this years coaches and teams will be introduced. You will have the opportunity to join the Booster Club and browse through the new merchandise for the 2014/15 season. Dinner will be served and all of your questions can be answered. All parents and players are encouraged to come so we may kick off the season with all the excitement that it deserves.


Dinner will be served at 7:00pm, however we will be open at 6:30pm so that you can register for the booster club and browse the new spirit wear.

Dinner will be provided by Abuelo’s and will cost $1.00 for each of the players and $8.00 per plate for the rest of us.

adobe-pdf Save yourself some time and fill out the membership form before you come.

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2014 Season Tickets

Once again it’s time to think “Fall” and “Football”

Below you will find important dates to remember.

  • June 26 – Last day to renew and hold season ticket seats from 2013 season
  • July 8 – First Day to purchase season tickets.
  • August 15 – Last day to purchase season tickets.

Season ticket prices are:

  • Birdville High School – $35
  • Haltom High School – $42
  • Richland High School – $35

If you have questions regarding season tickets, please call the Athletics Office at (817) 547-5820. We look forward to seeing you this Fall at the games.

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Linemen – Battle of the Scale

Some offensive linemen fit on the opposite side of the spectrum as they have a difficult time maintaing their scale weight as the season moves forward. The scale can often be misleading but to young athlete’s that are constantly bombarded with numbers and how those particular numbers are supposed to correspond with performance or impact recruiting, it’s paramount to address the physical and mental needs of young linemen. It wasn’t too long ago where I was a young player wanting to add an extra ten pounds or hoping to grow an extra inch before college coaches came knocking on the door, I understand the pressure.

The downside to pressure is it’s ability to take us out of our comfort zone, thus navigating us down roads we normally wouldn’t travel. There are very few occasions where pressure can lead us to a beneficial place. When the scale isn’t displaying the number we want, far too often we think fast food is what we need. We grab the largest order of fries and as many burgers we can stomach with the hopes of packing back on the pounds, when all that may have needed to be done was to properly rehydrate. It may have taken four cups of water and a balanced meal for the scale to magically change back to where we wanted it to be. Instead, the low quality fast food may have done more to dehydrate you, make you fatter and hamper overall performance. This is the power of pressure, it’s ability to force us to bring a chainsaw when the job calls for a butter knife.

Here’s a very simple rule of thumb to help you manage hydration through the season, “if I lose one, drink two”, for every pound you lose post practice, replace it by drinking two cups of water. No, this doesn’t have to be in one sitting, throughout the rest of the evening sip on water until you have drank your required amount based on the weight lost. If you are a guy that loses multiple pounds through the course of practice, remember, your water intake doesn’t just have to come from water, it can come from food. A medium salad contains approximately 7oz of water, a roasted chicken breast is about 65% water, pasta and beans are like sponges and are up to 77% water. The more moist the food, the more water it contains. Sorry, your favorite soda doesn’t count and I would advise you to stay away from sports drinks as they are going to provide extra sugar that presents an entire set of other problems.

Caloric intake is critical in maintaing muscle mass and should not be taken lightly. It’s not easy to eat all of your calories, sometimes you have to drink them. Here is a recipe of a high calorie shake that’s going to do more for your overall health goals than the typical “weight gainer”. It’s easy as “1,2,3,4”……

  1. Scoop Whey Protein
  2. Tbsp Coconut Oil
  3. Strawberries
  4. Ice Cubes

Calories 330 – Protein 18 – Carbs 5 – Fat 28

All fat is not created equal, Coconut Oil is primarily MCT, thus not stored as fat but burned as energy. This shake is IDEAL for those that don’t like to eat breakfast or use as a high quality bedtime snack.

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