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2017 Birdville Football Program / Internet Business Advertising

Thank you considering sponsoring the Birdville Hawks Football Program. It is the mission of the Booster Club to support this program in various ways and the monies raised through advertising and sponsorships are just one of those. Although we will gladly accept a simple donation, we feel the local businesses  deserve to be recognized for supporting the students and staff of this program. Our printed program is still our largest income generator, but internet based advertising is rapidly catching up. The Booster Club has designed our internet presence to give you the maximum exposure while continuing to provide the important information about the Birdville Hawks. On this page we will outline the various ways you can show your support.

Exclusive Advertising

There are a few options that provide exclusive opportunities for showcasing your business. These coveted spots are guaranteed to be noticed by our fans and your patrons.

Title Sponsor

Inside Covers of the Printed Program

Back Cover of the Printed Program

Coaches Show Sponsor

Countdown to Kick-Off Sponsor

Printed Football Program

The program is sold at every home game and during the 2016 season and we distributed over 400 copies.

Back Cover Page-(8-1/2 in X 11 in)-$5000

Inside Cover Pages-(8-1/2 in X 11 in)-$2500

Full Page Ad .com – (7-1/2 in X 10 in) – $1000

Full Page Ad – (7-1/2 in X 10 in) – $500

Half Page Ad – (7-1/2 in X 4-3/4 in) – $350

Quarter Page Ad – (3-1/2 in X 4-3/4 in) – $200

Internet Based Advertising

Our internet presence has been designed to look great on any device from computers to various smartphones, so your ad will always look great regardless of where it is being viewed. With internet based advertising you have many more options when it comes to showing your support. Your ad can link directly to your home page, a custom coupon, a Youtube video showcasing your business, or show directions from where they current are. The ads rotate and are sized based on the device being used.

Full Screen Ad – (450px by 640px)

Banner Ad – (750px by 150px)

Coupon Ad – (450px by 640px)

We understand that creating an ad that looks great and that will portray your business properly is not something everyone is prepared to tackle. For this reason we have contracted with a very talented designer that can assist you with the creation of your ad for a very small commission. Instructions for creating the various ads yourself are included above by clicking on the appropriate ad you wish to use. You may have also noticed that pricing has been omitted from this page, the simple reason is that most our sponsors want a combination of these options. We will work hard to provide a package that you feel comfortable with.

We hope the information above has given you a better idea of the opportunities we offer. This page however is not designed to be the only contact we have with you. Please complete the short form above so we can meet with you personally to ensure your expectations are met as well as answer any further questions you may have. If you would like to speak with someone, feel free to contact:

Shana Koontz via e-mail shana.koontz@att.net or by phone (817) 247-6826.

Thank you for supporting the Birdville Hawks Football Program.


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