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****You will need to get the volunteer log from Coach Holbrook****
If you work a middle school game please have one of their coach’s sign off on your hours.
If you work a freshman game have Mrs. Lippies (Hayden & Grayson’s mom) or Mr. Shannon (Ryan & Jarrett’s dad) sign off
on your hours
If you work a JV game have Ms. Jankowski (Cade’s mom) or Mrs. Lee (Cole’s mom) sign off on your hours
Thank you!!

The Hawks First Down Club was started by volunteers, is run by volunteers, and continues to exist because of those volunteers. We do not volunteer to help the school, we don’t volunteer to help the club, we volunteer to help the students and we are proud that the school, club, coaches, and program are able to benefit from our efforts.

Volunteering is an opportunity to teach others, to learn new things, to meet new people, and to experience a stimulating environment. Some of our volunteers contribute just a few hours a month, while others prefer to work several hours each week. Together, we believe we play a small part in the overall success of the team. More importantly, we believe we are contributing to the success of our children.

Some of our specific needs are listed here, however, just because it is not listed does not mean the need does not exist. We encourage you to contact us and we will find a place that your skills will benefit everyone.

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