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2017-2018 Membership

Hawks First Down Club LogoThe Hawks First Down Club is a non-profit organization comprised of dedicated parents, guardians, alumni, coaches, teachers, school administrators, and community members. The Booster Club's primary focus is supporting the players and coaches of the Birdville Hawks football program, but our mission is to support Birdville High School regardless of the sport or affiliation.
By becoming a member you:
Support and recognize the efforts of our coaches and athletes.
Provide professional gameday photos.
Support our award winning inflatable hawk tunnel.
Provide additional opportunities to our coaches and athletes not funded by BHS.
Help to formally recognize academic and athletic excellence through our annual awards banquet.
Provide scholarships for graduating senior student athletes.
Provide additional equipment beyond what BISD is able to such as new helmets, knee braces for linemen, Pink-Out items, stadium decorations, etc...
Help sponsor events such as the Holbrook Show, Pregame Meals, Spring Cookout, Weekly e-mail blasts, Merchandise, Meet the Hawks Night, Banquet, Homecoming Parade and Carnival, Senior Night, Welcome Back Breakfast and much more.

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Varsity Meals


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Varsity Meal Plan Section


This option is required for Varsity players, it helps with the cost of providing meals before each game.


Meal Donation


Please consider a donation for Varsity Meals (for boys who need financial assistance) $75 (or any amount)

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